onePlace Skeleton Request Module. Make request for skeletons, match skeletons by defined criterias.

Example: You have a Skeleton based "Book" Module, with a list of Books you have. Now someone comes and asks you for a certain book. With Skeleton Request deployed as "Book Request" Module, you can now make a request for lets say the book title, or ISBN, or year - and it will find Books that match that criteria. More than that, if a Request is saved, it will also match as soon as you add a Book matching the criteria


If you want to use it for Skeleton, just add by composer.

$ composer require oneplace/oneplace-skeletonrequest

If you need to deploy it for your own module, follow our create your own module guide to make your own fork of Skeleton Request.

As long as you are compatible to Skeleton, you should be able to deploy your own Skeleton Request with no coding just using the deploy scripts.