user experience

We love games ! And we think that people should have fun when they are at work - so we added some gameification perks to onePlace ;D

And because we think this is important - it is part of Core, to encourage developers building apps on top of oneplace, to also have some sort of game design within their app.

Users have Levels, and they can gain experience by activity to raise level. There are also Achievements, another form of rewarding user activity, coming soon.

You can use the users level to block or unblock certain actions, like "only level 3 users can add new contacts" and so on, so its also an extension to the permissions system.

Default Actions

There are some default xp triggers shipped with oneplace

+10 for login

+50 for adding a new user

+5 for editing a user

Add your own triggers and activities

You can add your own triggers and activities for the XP system.

If you want to add new activities that users can gain xp from, add them to user_xp_activity table

INSERT INTO `user_xp_activity` (`Activity_ID`, `xp_key`, `label`, `xp_base`) VALUES (NULL, 'custom-action', 'My Custom Action', '10'); 

Then add the following line of code into all actions you want it to be triggered.


This way you can also trigger already existing activities.

Have fun :D