onePlace gives you the tools to just develop a webapp on the fly based on any database model. onePlace will create all the views / Html, and also some basic API for you.

Just choose the fields you want to have for your module and onePlace will deploy them. We have designed onePlace to be able to handle large forms with dozens, even hundreds of fields but still have a usable and clean interface.

So you will be able the model even the most complex data within onePlace.

So for example you want to manage Books. Skeleton will give you Books with "Titles" by default. Now you can extend those Books by "Date received", "Deadline return", "Current Owner", and so on - all just by the click of a button ! Not a single line of Code is needed.

About Core

onePlace Core gives you the foundation for any webapp. You have a solid laminas-mvc skeleton which is enhanced by an andvanced user and permission manager. So you have a login, and a homepage - thats it. You are free to do whatever you want from here.


oneplace-core is incredibly flexible, offering an opt-in, easy to create modular infrastructure, as well as the ability to craft your own application workflows thanks to dynamic fields, auto-generated forms & index-tables, action based permission system and much more.